Cases That Require the Assistance of a Reliable Family Lawyer


If you find yourself caught up in a complicated familial situation that will require legal assistance, you can always look for a reliable family lawyer. It is crucial especially if a child’s legal rights are directly involved.

The cost is always a matter to consider but you will discover that things are worth it once the issue has been resolved. Below are some cases wherein a Edmonton Family Lawyer will be largely needed.

Divorce is one of the most prominent issues that family lawyers are faced with regularly. Parents need to know how the following aspects will go: custody, support, visitation, and more. Another factor that will definitely be involved in a divorce case is property division. This is true especially for those who did not settle on a pre-nuptial agreement.

A reliable family lawyer will help the divorcing pair come up with an amicable agreement that sees to it the kids will benefit best. If the amicable settlement is not reached for whatever reason, the family lawyer will assist the couple in bringing their case to a judge that will ensure the kids’ well-being will be protected.

In cases wherein the parents are unmarried, the court usually gives the legal rights to the mother but the father can always take legal steps to visit his child. Another thing that fathers can consider in this case is guardianship. The process is very similar to a divorce case. If an amicable settlement cannot be reached, the parents can ask their family lawyer to help them fix their issues in court.

If the mother of the child refuses to settle, the father can take initiative in taking the case to court. The advantage that unmarried parents have over those who are legally bound to each other is they no longer have to discuss spousal support and property division. This saves time and effort on their part and the attorney’s.

One of the more complicated issues that a Edmonton Civil Litagation works with is third-party custody. This case involves other people aside from the biological parents of the child. The court can give the filing party custody over a child for solid reasons. Third parties can be the relatives of a child such as his or her aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, and potentially those who have become close friends of the child’s biological parents.

For non-parental cases, the filing party can seek help from a family lawyer as long as the following factors are answered appropriately: the filing party’s relation to the child, the reason for claiming guardianship, and the state of the child’s parents. In the occasion wherein the parents of the child are living, they should be issued with a petition that tells the biological parents why the filing party wants guardianship of the child.

A reliable family lawyer is who you need when you are faced with the cases mentioned above.


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